Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Girl Took Poison.

There must be lot's of them
little statements stamped official
"the girl for some reason or other took poison"

Some reason or other?

"Some reason" said like an off cuff remark
because official can't fathom it
life continues
casts only a quick shadow on the dead.

As for the other, it's a Pandora's box
with a sticky lid and a rusty hinge
of course it's different now.

I digress; the girl took poison
it's official
there's a statement
took poison
like a little one takes their first food
or a drunk tossing the glass back
or a surgeon making a fine mark with their knife
of course its different now.

we have lights and fanfare
we have experts and specialists
statistics to tantalise

Oh but yes, your fingers are sticky;
lick them clean in the dark
and then the

20 September 2009

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