Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its not

that I have had nothing to say- just been mega busy.....with my family, photography business and I don't even know what !

So Puerile Productions (remember them??) vile -in the best way imaginable have a new project....hot on the trail of their short film that has already played in Melbourne as part of Trasharama.....this time a number of film makers are given scripts- without giving anything away there's a common something in all films. We get to do with the script what we want and shoot the film and it then becomes part of a horrific terrific whole!

I haven't started filming mine yet but I have been half thinking about how to do it...plus I gave them the title for the series...:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vomit is the new BLACK!

A month ago or so I was chatting to a friend online and she was lamenting that her baby had thrown up on her...she is a first time mum and I rather flippantly said "Vomit is the new black!" as in get used to it...I was telling my husband how I should print a tshirt with that as the slogan.
I have designed and printed tshirts before....with a slogan that no one understands...but that's a whole other story.

Anyway a few weeks back at my daughters tennis class- my son puked on my jeans- one of the other mums commented how you get used to being vomited on..and I said look as far as I'm concerned Vomit is the new Black....as these parents all had children- they could appreciate it.
One dad even said "you should market that"!
Yeah well it's not such a silly idea....people paid extra for "ripped" jeans...

So who is for taking the fashion world by storm....

Some reasons why vomit is the new black...

It's original!
It's organic!
It's easily replenished!
Colour co-ordinates with everything!
Numerous variations!

I see the Tshirt in two designs....the first would be a black tshirt with the slogan "Vomit is the new Black" on it....with enough space for your kidlets to vomit everywhere/anywhere on it.
The second would be the tshirt  and slogan with predesigned vomit splots to inspire your child to make their own mark so to speak....(as if they need any help!)
Mum's could wear them with pride- instead of apologising "excuse my top D just vomitted on it"...it could become a trend....and instead of reading tea leaves...read vomit stains..."oooh this looks like a bike maybe little gordon is trying to tell us something" (yeah he is but it's probably more along the lines of " I'm finding things hard to stomach" rather than "I'd love a new trike"...)

Ok..I'll slink back quietly away....

but if anyone wants a tshirt just email me....

ok.....ok....I'm going.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen #15

The Australian Flag
1. Australian flag came into being in 1901
2. Was given the Royal assent & officially adopted in 1954
3. Bases on the Blue Ensign from United Kingdom
4. Incorporates the Union Jack
5. Incorporates the Southern Cross
6. Incorporates the Star of Federation
7. Each state/territory has it's own flag
8. There is also an aboriginal flag (below)
Australian Aboriginal Flag
9. Aborginal flag was first flown 12 July 1971
10. Australian Centenary Flag presented in 2001- is the national 
flag with a white headband and a red cardinal stripe.
11. The Royal Australian Air Force ensign was adopted in 1948.

. A leaping red kangaroo was added to the Roayl Australian AirForce
ensign in 1982.

The Royal Australian Air Force ensign (Blue)
13. Here is the Eureka Flag-used at the Eureka Stockade

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14-13 Kenwood Chef Accessories

I love my Kenwood Chef :)

Thirteen #14
13 Kenwood Chef Accessories
1Dust cover.
25639 Dust Cover
2. DShaped Kenlyte Bowl
489969 D Shaped Kenlyte Bowl
3. Splash Guard
672475 Splashguard
4. Juice Extractor
A935 Juice Extractor Attachment
5. Food Processor
A980 Food Processor Attachment
6. High Speed Slicer
A998 High Speed Slicer/Shredder
7. Multi Mill
AT320A Multi Mill
8. Stainless Steel Tools
SSTC Stainless Steel tools for Chef
9. Stainless Steel Bowl
672499 Stainless Steel Bowl
10. Potato Peeler
A934/A952 Potato Peeler Attachment
11. Juice Extractor
A935 Juice Extractor Attachment
12.Pasta Maker Attachment
A936 Pasta Maker Attachment
13. Iceream Maker
A956 Ice Cream Maker

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This came from Serendipity and somewhere else before that....I was going to use it for my next Thursday Thirteen but thought what the heck I will do it right now.Rules are can only use one word to answer each question.

• 1. Where is your mobile phone? handbag
• 2. Your significant other? soulmate 
• 3. Your hair? brown
• 4. Your mother? Awesome
• 5. Your father? Awesome
• 6. Your favorite thing? Camera
• 7. Your dream last night? Nondescript
• 8. Your favorite drink? Water 
• 9. Your dream/goal? Ananda
• 10. The room you're in? Bedroom
• 11. Your hobby? What 
• 12. Your fear? Disease
• 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Lord Howe Island
• 14. Where were you last night? HERE
• 15. What you're not? Loud
• 16. Muffins? Definately
• 17. One of your wish list items? Time
• 18. Where you grew up? Hobart
• 19. The last thing you did? Feed  
• 20. What are you wearing? Jeans 
• 21. Your TV? Sony
• 22. Your pets? None 
• 23. Your computer? Bliss
• 24. Your life? OM 

• 25. Your mood? Exhausted
• 27. Your car? Jazzy 
• 28. Something you're not wearing? Shoes 
• 29. Favourite store? Apple
• 30. Your summer? Hot
• 31. Like someone? Naturally
• 32. Your favorite color? Purple 
• 33. When is the last time you laughed? Now
• 34. Last time you cried? Forget 
• 35. Who will do this? Someone 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13-13 name games

Well today's TT comes straight from someone who commented on my last TT!
Joy is my goal- thanks..and it's my thirteenth TT- and 13 is my favourite number!

Thirteen #13 The Name Game

1.Rock star name (first pet, current car)
 Cat Honda

2. Gangster name
 (favourite ice cream flavour, favourite type of shoe)
Chocolate Flat
3. Native American name
(favourite colour, favourite animal)
Purple Gorilla
4. Soap opera name
(middle name,place of birth)
Anne Smithton
5. Star Wars Name
(first 3 letters of second name, first two of first name)
6. Superhero name 
(2nd favourite colour, favourite drink)
Blue Water
7. Nascar Name (whatever that is?? 
(first names of grandfathers)
Ted Karl
8. Dancer name 
(favourite perfume/scent, favourite "candy")
Lavender Chocolate
9. Newsreader name
(5th grade teachers last name, major city with same letter)
Moir Melbourne
10. Spy name 
(flower,favourite season/holiday,)
Lavender Spring
11. Cartoon name (favourite fruit, article of clothing you
wearing now)
Strawberry Pyjamas

12.Hippie Name(what you ate for breakfast,favourite tree)
Oats Weeping Willow
13. Movie star name (first pet name,first street where you lived)
Snowy Carnac

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12-13 things my daughter said this morning

Thirteen #12
13 things my 3 year old said upon waking.
(about 2 minutes total LOL!)

2. Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, come in here

3. Close your eyes Mummy

4. Keep them closed

5. I put the trousers on and the shorts for 
running around and dancing.
6. I'm swimming

7. That's not my top- I'm not going to put that on

8. The new one's on my bottom

9. Silly doo dah diddles

10. Diddle the cat ran away with the spoon

11. I want to get Zac out.

12. Watch this mummy

13. Do you want to touch it?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And now I have a heart

Tin man gets himself a heart.....some food for Puerile Productions?
I can't find the original source for this but it was posted about 7 months ago and has been doing the rounds.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Random yabbers

Hmmm haven't been blogging much lately been busy with other things.15-inch

Been setting up my new laptop- yes that took 5 minutes!

Plus I have upgraded my CS to CS3- woo hoo.
More later want to go back to sleep :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ice Cream Round Up!

A while back I signed up to the Ice Cream Round up- that Joy of Desserts (and let's face it- there is seriously something wrong with you if you don't have a joy for desserts) is hosting. I think she thought I had forgotten but no- I have been thinking about icecream alot so I am sharing two recipes. This one is something I adapted from somewhere (I do that alot!) and is my sister's favourite icecream...and it's really kind of an icecream cakeish creation. It is SO mega simple to make.

Slender Octopus's Sisters Favourite Icecream Cakeish Creation.

2 tbsp of your favourite instant coffee (make it a good one :)
1/3 cup of boiling water
2tbsp Kahlua (I actually use about half a cup or more LOL)
400g can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
600ml Cream
1/4 cup milk (I can't recall doing this bit- but there you have it! I maybe omited it due to the extra Kahlua)
12 sponge fingers (sometimes I use more depending what pan I am using)
Grated dark chocolate for serving. (Lindt, Valhrona, etc)


Combine coffee, water and Kahlua- cool
Combine condensed milk and cream in large bowl and beat till wickedly thick.
Beat in half the coffee mixture.
The original recipe used a 18cm X 28cm Lamington pan (yes I'm an aussie) but you can use a bread loaf pan as well and break the sponge fingers to fit.
I line it with that great Glad Bake and Cooking Paper spoon half cream mixture into pan.
Top with the sponge fingers then finish with remaining cream mixture and freeze.

Serve when frozen with the grated chocolate and enjoy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Film Horror

Well not really keeping up with a daily blog entry but I have been busy busy busy...buzzzzz.
First off I have completed the music for Peurile Productions up and coming new short film which will be doing the rounds at the short film festivals soooooooon-ish.....it's a must see for all of you that love little fluffy dogs (puke)

And speaking of film the Melbourne International Film Festival isn't too far away and will feature Umbrella Retrospect on George Romero!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11-13 July 10 Birthday related

Well it's my friends birthday today so Happy Birthday Slime!!!!!!!xxxxxx

Thursday Thirteen #11- 13 things related to Birthday

1.Happy Birthday in Mongolian-
Torson odriin mend hurgee!
2.July's birthday flowers-Delphinium, Larkspur, Water Lily
Brazilians pull on the earlobes of the birthday boy or girl for each year of their birthday.
About the Happy Birthday song
About the Birthday Cake
About Birthday Candles
Birthday Quotes
History of the Birthday Card
Kitch Birthday Hat
10.July's birthstone is Ruby
July 10th Zodiac is Cancer
July 10th
Dick Cary (jazz musician)was born today in 1916

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10-13 Words that contain "late" within them

Thirteen #10
13 Words that contain "late" within them!


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Ok well I am not officially "late" as its still Thursday...but I usually get this up early Thursday morning....have had visitors today. Hope you are all well.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Long time no blog but I have an excuse :) 

I ended up in emergency last week- not being able to breathe is a bit of a problem.
On the mend now- just been busy with other bits and pieces and a MIL visit thrown in as well.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9-Some Random Sounds

Thirteen #9- Random Sounds

1. Waves

2. "talking" of a baby

3. Rain

4. Book pages turning

5. Breathing

6. Butter in a pan

7. Leaves falling to the ground

8. Birds singing

9. Yawn

10. Footsteps

11. A plane

12. Door opening

13. Children's laughter

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Sound information.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Apple Store in Sydney

Yes ok I admit it...I am a geekoid...but I *am* not your average geek....I'd like to think I was a creative geek at least!!!!! LOL.

It's true- I am excited about the Apple store in Sydney that opened today- even though I can't get to it.LOL.

Gizmodo they are still clapping

Sydney Morning Herald- pics and bits.

Sydney Sunrise- Apple Store- interview with one of my Mactalker friends girlfriend who was first in the line.

Thursday Thirteen #8-Shades of purple

Thirteen pictures featuring purple.

1. Shades of purple II- by Ruth Palmer

2. Flowers

3. A quilt- by Kathie Alyce

4. Purple tie from coatandtie

5. Shades of purple from cats fancy bags
Vintage Retro flowers. Shades of Purple
6. Shoes from my air shoes

7.Purple sparks from baby blu belle

8. Heart from Kline Arts Studio

9. Bag from Knit Witch

10. stone- from russian art stones

11. Purple dress from flawless

12. Purple latex glove

13. Elle Macpherson Lilac maternity bra 
from the purple store.

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I just love purple and all its shades.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random recipes I haven't made!

Just a recipes to think about....from La Tartine Gourmande

Mild Lamb Curry

Feeling better but coughing like a smoker.....hope to be back on track soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Got cold...blah

I'm as sick as that proverbial dog. I had great posting plans and ideas but alas my face is aching, nose is running, chest is wheezing and MIL is coming end of the week.
Miss A is sick (but still has WAY too much energy!- but only when she's at home...if I take her to an activity she refuses to move- go figure!) 
Mr Z has a cough and is farting alot (not related I am sure LOL!) but is otherwise a delight.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7-Smells

Thirteen favourite smells in no particular order!

1. Newborn baby

2. Vanilla

3. Home baked bread

4. Chocolate

5. Lavender

6. Crepes

7. Fresh air

8. Eucalyptus

9. Baked potatoes

10. The garden after it has been raining

11. Linen that has been dried in the sun

12. Old english roses

13. Strawberries

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Links about olfaction!

Olfaction from Wikipedia

Sense of Smell Institute

The Smell Report

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mastrad Oven Glove

Cooks Kitchen: Appliances: Mastrad Orka Large Silicone Oven Mitt - Blue
Well I have loved this glove (Mastrad) for a long time (kinky eh?) and it got burnt -yes burnt the other day- and has a little slit up it on one side....don't ask me how it happened but a stove top element was involved. It's still useable but the burn mark bothers me! It's a great oven glove and a nice design.

Slow Cooking

Ok its the season for slow cooking delectable meats that are mega soft and full of flavour.

Some sites specifically for slow cooking

Slow cooker recipes- Australian site

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #6-Word Association

Thirteen word associations starting with 

1. Thirteen

2. Love

3. Silence

4. Meditation

5. Light

6. Paris

7. Beauty

8. Expanding

9. Heart

10. Life

11. Breath

12. Air

13. Cloud

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So I played this game with myself, and didn't allow myself to use a word I had already picked...do you know how many times I wanted to do that!! There's actually a site here where you can play.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mish Mash

I've been busy....I've been up to things....all a bit hush hush right now...but you will see eventually.

Also I made the Chocolate Guiness Cake- and its a good one! It's very much like the texture of a Devils Food cake.

Also been busy with Miss A and Mr Z.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Macaroons and Cakes

We went to Laurent today...snapped some bad photos of good things while I was waiting for Miss A and Mr Octopus to get served. We have some Macaroons- more macaroons can be seen on my favourite blog in the whole world (so far!) Paris Breakfasts.

And some cakes...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Colour 2

Another gorgeous day! This time I looked down and took this.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Was a gorgeous day today!
I looked up- and snapped this pic.

Thursday Thirteen #5-Thirteen Paintings with Kiss in the title

Thursday Thirteen #5
Thirteen Paintings with "kiss" in the title.

1.The Kiss- Gustav Klimt
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

2. The Kiss- Edvard Munch

3.The Kiss- Gerald Laing

4. Kiss, Kiss-Momar Ndiaye
Momar Ndiaye Original Modern Art PAINTING On Paper KISS
5. A blue kiss in the shadows- K.Madison Moore

6. Kiss, Kiss- Lionel Njuguna

7.Prelude to a Kiss- Joesphine Wall
.Large Painting

8. Subway Kiss- Mary Hatcher
20. Subway Kiss.JPG (138322 bytes)

9. Kiss and Freeze- Kebe Fox
Kiss and Freeze

10. God's Kiss- Gayle Levee
Gayle Levee's painting God's Kiss

11. The Kiss- Francesco Hayez
12. The Stolen Kiss- Jean Honore Fragonard

13. The Kiss- Roy Lichenstein
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