Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vomit is the new BLACK!

A month ago or so I was chatting to a friend online and she was lamenting that her baby had thrown up on her...she is a first time mum and I rather flippantly said "Vomit is the new black!" as in get used to it...I was telling my husband how I should print a tshirt with that as the slogan.
I have designed and printed tshirts before....with a slogan that no one understands...but that's a whole other story.

Anyway a few weeks back at my daughters tennis class- my son puked on my jeans- one of the other mums commented how you get used to being vomited on..and I said look as far as I'm concerned Vomit is the new these parents all had children- they could appreciate it.
One dad even said "you should market that"!
Yeah well it's not such a silly idea....people paid extra for "ripped" jeans...

So who is for taking the fashion world by storm....

Some reasons why vomit is the new black...

It's original!
It's organic!
It's easily replenished!
Colour co-ordinates with everything!
Numerous variations!

I see the Tshirt in two designs....the first would be a black tshirt with the slogan "Vomit is the new Black" on it....with enough space for your kidlets to vomit everywhere/anywhere on it.
The second would be the tshirt  and slogan with predesigned vomit splots to inspire your child to make their own mark so to speak....(as if they need any help!)
Mum's could wear them with pride- instead of apologising "excuse my top D just vomitted on it" could become a trend....and instead of reading tea vomit stains..."oooh this looks like a bike maybe little gordon is trying to tell us something" (yeah he is but it's probably more along the lines of " I'm finding things hard to stomach" rather than "I'd love a new trike"...)

Ok..I'll slink back quietly away....

but if anyone wants a tshirt just email me....

ok.....ok....I'm going.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen #15

The Australian Flag
1. Australian flag came into being in 1901
2. Was given the Royal assent & officially adopted in 1954
3. Bases on the Blue Ensign from United Kingdom
4. Incorporates the Union Jack
5. Incorporates the Southern Cross
6. Incorporates the Star of Federation
7. Each state/territory has it's own flag
8. There is also an aboriginal flag (below)
Australian Aboriginal Flag
9. Aborginal flag was first flown 12 July 1971
10. Australian Centenary Flag presented in 2001- is the national 
flag with a white headband and a red cardinal stripe.
11. The Royal Australian Air Force ensign was adopted in 1948.

. A leaping red kangaroo was added to the Roayl Australian AirForce
ensign in 1982.

The Royal Australian Air Force ensign (Blue)
13. Here is the Eureka Flag-used at the Eureka Stockade

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