Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Laurent fix

Today I met my SIL and neice and ended up at Laurent! which I just love for that little taste of France without going to France (the website lets them down so go to one of their stores and you will see what I mean). We were looking in the display cabinet and I said "Oh that's a new cake" my SIL made a remark about me knowing the others so well and I realised how much of my life before moving here has been spent at Laurent! We used to live very close (too close obviously, if I know all of their cakes off by heart!) to Laurent and it was only today that I realised it's been a long time between hot chocolates! Well actually not that long as there is one near where we live now but it's a smaller store and harder to get into! 
The Laurent that founded Laurent spent time at Lenôtre so really nothing more needs to be said....sigh...

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