Monday, May 19, 2008

Cake decorating with a 3 year old!

Well today we made cupcakes! Miss A has been assisting me in cooking exploits from a young age. Today she decides she wants to "help" decorate the cupcakes. She helped measure flour, sugar, crack eggs etc, so I guess she felt it was time to move on. Unfortunately "helping decorate" involved her climbing up and sitting on me in an awkward manner and squeezing the piping bag anywhere and resisting any guidance!!!!!! LOL! Here are some examples of the results!

I actually don't mind cake decorating when I am in the mood. Mind you before Miss A's birthdays I hadn't done any since at high school...and that my friends was EONS ago!
Here's Miss A's second and third birthday cakes. Her third birthday cake was a quick and simple one as Mr Z was not even a month old by the time her birthday arrived and to be honest I was too tired to create a masterpiece LOL. I hate fondant, royal icing and marzipan etc, so I use buttercream icing. I want to try a buttercream icing transfer soon!


There are heaps of sites/blogs out there- Gooooooooogle are a few.


Cake Deco A tiny store in Melbourne jam packed with...just about everything!

Creative Cake Decorating- Just found it- haven't had time to delve into it yet but looks interesting.

A piece of cake- Heidi made our wedding cake and she is just brilliant.


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