Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4-Thirteen of my favourite yoga poses.

No.4:Thirteen yoga poses
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avasana (Corpse Pose)

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)

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As a yoga teacher/therapist (although not teaching at the moment, a little busy with our new addition to the family!) I still feel I have a duty of care to say that none of these poses nor any combination thereof are intended to be a complete yoga practice but rather poses that I personally enjoy at this particular moment or find interesting. You should not attempt these poses willy nilly, and it is best to get some professional guidance- some poses are contraindicated for specific conditions and the nuances of yoga and yoga poses require some individual guidance.Most of the yoga in the Western world is known as Hatha yoga- then there are various branches of hatha eg. Iyengar, Kundalini, etc etc...a simple google will reveal all sorts, it is best if you plan to undertake some form of yoga practice to try a few different classes to find the best style of class that suits you best. Yoga practice is not about conforming to a picture in a book - each body is different- so everyone will look slightly different when working with an asana...anyway before this descends into an essay on my thoughts about yoga practice I will finish this post with a book I love!! If anyone wants further information please leave your email address!
Yoga book I love!!

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Structural Yoga Therapy- Adapting to the Individual by Munduka Stiles


Hailey's Mommy said...

Great TT. I need to exercise just a little more but with a 3 year old I seem to lack the time. Thanks for visiting my TT. The camera I currently have is a Sony DSC-F828 but I'm looking into buying the Nikon-D80. I just love it. My sister has the Nikon D40 and it's wonderful.

Darla said...

I'm pretty sure I could manage a corpse pose the way I feel today. LOL

Actually, I'm surprised at how many of those I recognize from exercise videos.

Christine said...

I've had the idea of taking up Yoga, to strengthen my body for awhile now. Thanks for the links, I'm going to enjoy checking them out.

Happy TT!

maggies mind said...

Awesome idea for a 13! I'd love to take yoga some day. I've done some Pilates, but it's been awhile. Child's Pose looks pretty comfy!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Kudos to you for putting in enormous efforts to make available this ancient and proven methods to build a sound body and mind.Your TT is well researched to benefit those who want to lead a healthy life. PRANAMS GURUJI! SALUTATIONS MASTER!

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