Saturday, May 17, 2008

Snapshot & Digital SLR's

Well I've been a bit slack in posting so the summary snapshot of what I have been doing is:
  • cooking (an apple crumble, marinated lamb, home made pizzas and Donna Hays Double Chocolate Cookies....yum!)
  • nappy changing
  • nose wiping
  • cough medicine dispensing
  • dreaming of Paris

Plus I have been thinking (always dangerous!) about getting a digital SLR! 
Either this one- Canon EOS40D

Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR camera

Or this one Nikon D300

So what do you think? I'm edging towards the Canon because I'd like a live preview....both of these camera's are fast.....but I'm after a good continuous shooting speed and I think the Canon might outshine the Nikon in that regard.  But then I like the sensor type on the Nikon better than the Canon...but then I don't like the sensor being made by Sony in the Nikon, have only read bad things about them....and apparently the Nikon software for RAW is rubbish- ...and on and on it goes....this way then that!! And then there is the Canon 5D.....

Come on people tell me what you think! I'm due to go and have a feel of them both soon!


Linda said...

I love my Canon...go with the Canon!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello!I hope your child is OK now. Here are some tips for buying the camera. Both are well known brands and therefore ask yourself the following questions:
1) Is it easy to use and simple to handle?
2) What is the guarantee period?
3) What is the service facility available?
4) Are spare parts easily available?
5) Are you getting value for your money?
Good luck and happy camera hunting!

Clara said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! :) For what it's worth, I have a Canon 40D... only got it a few months ago (having prior had a 400D)... and I looooove mine! I say go the Canon... but I am biased!

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