Monday, April 21, 2008

Beautiful things to look at.

Some things I like the look of....

Lamborghini Reventon- which won the most beautiful car in the world award.

Apple Iphone -it just looks so pretty and this Laptop is yummy too.

Natural Selection Tallboy in Jarrah- I actually have this in my bedroom along with a matching jarrah chest..Love both these pieces...and the workmanship in them is beautiful.

Trunki- Very cool design and functional- Miss A might get one if she's lucky.

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound 3200 and the 9000- these are smooth operators.....

Phil and Teds Vibe- yummy....if I had another baby would get one of these! 

Dyson DC11 HEPA- I have this and its not only gorgeous (yes a vacuum can be gorgeous) but it is will never see so much dust in your life. I no longer vacuum I DYSON!! 

Bertil Vallien- Brains- Karolina and White Heart can't find a pic of the heart- I have both these objects and they are so beautiful. His work is beautiful.

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