Sunday, April 27, 2008

Orange Cake and Other....

Well today I made an orange cake for Mr Octopus to take to work tomorrow...he has been home since the birth of Mr Z. He said he would call it his Crying Cake- because he doesn't really want to go back! Except when faced with Miss A and her antics....she has been so impossible lately. Is it because of Mr Z ? She is gorgeous with him and loves him so much, but still it is an adjustment for least I am hoping that's what it is.
I digress- I don't care what anyone says there is a huge difference to an orange cake when you use a REAL orange both for the cake AND for the icing....not rocket science is it? Smells delish.

So am a bit worried about tomorrow dealing with Miss A and Mr Z on my own....we will see how it goes. Unfortunately both our families are everytime I get sick Mr Octopus has to take time off work to help! As I type Mr Z is very unhappy- does he want Crying Cake???He is farting alot and has a bad stomach......bit frustrating as there is little I can do to help.....sigh....

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