Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 1 without Mr Octopus

Ok well I survived the day....Mr Octopus took his crying cake to work and enjoyed it.
He is also concerned that I am referring to him in this blog as Mr Octopus (not that he has even read any of it) he seems to think it implies he is a groper! I find that amusing and will continue to call him Mr Octopus regardless!!!!

There are possums outside as I write twittering away...ok so maybe possums don't actually TWITTER.....

So today the morning did not get off to a great start Miss A was being naughty, and acting like a smarty pants teenager, but the afternoon got better...and despite being a Breastaurant managed to:
  • make fairy wands
  • play with the Duplo (love that stuff it really does spark their imagination)
  • draw on the chalk board
  • watch Playschool
  • buff the car 
  • wash up, cook dinner etc etc
Mind you Mr Z was a very good sleeping boy today so that helped.

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