Monday, April 21, 2008

Low grade movies

A couple of friends (and I do literally mean a couple!!) have asked me what happened to the movie I was helping Peurile Productions with...they are so peurile they can't spell my name!

Well here it is in all its glory- I am in NO WAY responsible for anything to do with this movie- other than the opening and closing credits & music...and I was one of the voices. It was shown at various seedy film festivals around the traps including Trasharama

I have also done the music for another one soon to be launched involving a psychotic cat....and there's another short I am waiting to receive before starting on the music.

If Peurile Productions had their own blog they could post all the seedy details of all their seedy undertakings there- but they don't so....

Click link to change your life forever.

House Warming

And the very fact that this film is listed on the Australian Film Commission site proves what a sad state the industry is in!

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