Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well I was bumbling along and found this post over at the second stitch and the post there reminded me that I had stumbled across some shoes in pristine condition...still wrapped up in their box...never worn and now with a new baby I doubt they will EVER be worn...sure they are not HIGH high heels but I bought them ages ago for work with a specific suit in mind...and well I resigned from work when my first daughter was born so it's a pretty safe bet I won't be wearing these. I could of course sell them on ebay, but I think they might end up in the charity bin....unless you want them Brenda : )           


Hmmm I think they are size 8 and a half!


Brenda said...

You are kidding me, I'm a size 7!!!!!
What a bum!!!
Sell them on ebay for sure. Some lucky size 8 and a half person will snap them up.

Brenda said...

oh, and LMAO at your DH's comments about you taking photos of the shoes for your blog.

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