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Well a few weeks back I was at the Maternal Health Centre for my sons weigh in. I was telling the nurse how one day he had been really unsettled and all he wanted to do was get on the boob all the time. She started asking me about my diet- had I eaten anything unusual or different. She said sometimes things like chocolate can affect babies. I told her straight out that I was a chocoholic but added that I only eat the really good stuff! I told her my son would of had quiet a bit of it while he was on the inside! She looked at me laughed and said good on you! Have to love a health nurse like that!
So today thinking about chocolate thought I would share my favourites not in any particular order......of course there are chocolates to eat...and then there are chocolate experiences...
Me I'm a purist and prefer dark chocolate. White chocolate is fake and is NOT chocolate.

Koko Black- beautiful shops, gorgeous furnishings, and you can if you are very good watch the chocoletiers at work....Love their iced chocolate........

The Bald Man- ok well I practically lived on this stuff when I was pregnant with my daughter...everyone used to comment that she was such a happy baby- so I would always tell them it was due to me doing yoga and eating copious amounts of dark chocolate. My favourites here -the chocolate souffle is just delish! and the dark (always dark :)) suckaco! 

This is the actual real Bald Man! I stalked him (ever so nicely) while he was at Melbourne for the Food and Wine Festival way back in 2005. He didn't realise I was taking pics of him! Call me sick but he's done good things!! As you can see....


Haighs- are so yummy. Infact we loved them so much we took a boxload interstate for our wedding bonbonerie (the Sparkling Shiraz truffle- cause thats just so good, and the Violet cream - only because it has a lavender accent on top which matched our colour theme). Apricot bars, Mandarin cremes, drinking chocolate...its all there- its all good.

Hahndorfs- the thing I like about Hahndorfs is the free chocolate you get to pick with any drink! (pick the solid dark one...its very nice!)

Lindt- melt in your mouth dark lindor balls, and I even like their milk chocolate too!! I am pretty unimpressed that we do not have a Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Melbourne. (I'm waiting Mr Lindt). And I am very sad as I have run out of Lindt Piccoli for my cooking.....and now have to find where I can buy it locally....(I bought a 2.5 kilo bag and we have since moved!)

Green and Blacks- dark nice good.

Dagoba- Have only tried the dark- nice!

'Anvers- Tassie based! 

I guess that is enough chocolate for now......I'm sure I will return to this topic.....:)

Here's a link to make a chocolate portrait if you are that way inclined......

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Diane said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my Purple post. It is so much fun to receive comments.
I have just had a quick browse of your interesting blog. Decided to stop at the chocolate! I love chocolate too. But it doesn't like me, nor my babies. Check out this website(and the factsheets)-it might enlighten you about breastfeeding, disturbed babies, and food.

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