Sunday, April 20, 2008

Menu Planning

My new slow cooker is gone and I am patiently waiting for a replacement. Now, I didn't have the slow cooker for long - I got it late February because I had heard so many good things about them and thought it would be handy when our little one arrived...It was great because I could plan out (in my head) what we would have- prepare it all early in the morning and have more time to play with my daughter (hereafter known as Miss A). Anyway it developed some strange markings that looked suspiciously like cracks...I had my son on the 7th March (hereafter known as Mr Z) and somehow a week after he was born got on to the manufacturer which I must say have been totally fantastic....and they are going to replace it......but I am lost without it...which is quite funny considering I had it for only a fairly short time. 

Anyway until it arrives I have decided to commence menu planning- just writing it down this time- which will be alot more efficient when shopping, and just more efficient all around really-and should be even more efficient when I get the slow cooker!
So did a bit of googling and there are quite a few sites around that will let you do it (menu planning that is!) online. Like this menu planning one for example....there are heaps more.
Then quite inspired I downloaded a piece of software (freeware!) for the laptop its a mac but there are heaps of freeware/sharware menu planners available we will see how it goes.
Have planned this weeks set of meals already.

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