Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's official

Have decided to make this my graphic design, art, craft, photography, cooking, techno, miscelleany type blog- see told you I had many tentacles!!....just one problem. 
I no longer have a craft room to work in- as my new gorgeous boy has that room. He's surrounded by craft trolleys on wheels..not the typical nursery but at least the corner with the cot is his!!! So I'm not sure how its going to go..I loved having a room to work in...but I love my boy more so I am sure I will find a way around it.....anyone got a spare house they don't need?

So I haven't made anything for a while....the last thing I made was this card and tin for a friends new born baby- I put some goodies inside.

Now that I have a boy of my own I am keen to scrap his first page.....when I work out where I can do it! Plus I need to get some more boy type papers- (any excuse :)).
Will post some more stuff soon.

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